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Smvape Vape is a progressive online retail establishment serving the vaping and e-cigarette community with vape mods, pod systems, starter kits, and premium vape eJuice.
Show More The Coil Master 521 Tab Mini is the compact evolution of the original 521 Tab, presenting a multi-functional device acts as an ohm meter reader, voltage drop checker, rebuild deck, and test fire station. It is equipped with a 510 spring-loaded connector for attys of all size and intuitive ..
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Show More The latest tweezer by Coil Master is tipped with ceramic to withstand the high temperature when you dry fire your coil. The construction is quite durable, making it the perfect tool if you are into rebuildable atomizers!Coil Master Ceramic Tweezer Features:Replaceable Ceramic TipHeat Resis..
Ex Tax:$12.95
Show More The Coil Master Coiling Kit V4 (6-in-1) is the upgraded edition of one of the most comprehensive coiling set available in the industry, featuring a fully-fledged suite of tools purposely built to simplify the rebuilding process, with six coiling poles with sizes ranging from 1.5mm to 4mm. ..
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Show More The Coil Master DIY Kit V3 is the modern edition of the fully-loaded building kit, catering for a wide range of builders ranging from beginners to advanced.Includes:521 Tab Mini V2Coil Kit V4Silicon Rubber Case for JigsT-Style Hex Screwdriver - 1.25mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mmFlush Wire CuttersNeedle-..
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Show More The Coil Master Elbow Ceramic Tweezers is the latest creation from Coil Master, developing an angled ceramic tweezers for a sturdy and precise tool. The bent design allows for a more fine-tune adjustment of coil settings while retaining the strength for larger wire gauges. The integration ..
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Show More Coil Master presents 100% high quality organic cotton imported from MUJI Japan, perfect for wicking and a clean taste. It is unbleached with no chemical treatment, giving you the purest flavors from your favorite juice! Coil Master Organic Cotton Features:100% Organic CottonNo Chemicals, P..
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Show More The Coil Master Vape Brush is a multi-functional tool, providing a combination of fully-fledged coiling jig along with a dedicated brush made with Stainless Steel bristles. The design is simplify with a single rod created from five different coiling sizes ranging from 2.0 to 4.0mm, giving ..
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Show More The Coil Master Vape Tweezer is a highly efficient multi-functional tool, providing a combination of sturdy ceramic tweezer alongside a knurled base grip. The tweezer features a precision tip design, made with a wide base that allows for precise adjustment while having the strength for lar..
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Show More The Coil Master Wire Cutter provides a necessary flush cutter with clean and precise cut of wires of all types and specially designed to function near posts or tight spots. Constructed with Chrome-Vanadium Steel alongside spring-loaded control, the Coil Master Wire Cutter is a necessary ha..
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Show More The CoilART Handmade Prebuilt Coils delivers a set of hand-crafted coils made with complex configurations to enhance your rebuildable experience. Each handmade coils are precisely weaved throughly with an incredibly unique heating patterns, allowing for performance-orienated builds while o..
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Show More The CoilART Pre-Build Coil presents a wide range of high performance coil designs that are now available in premade set of ten, featuring distinctive heating elements in different sizes and exotic configurations. It comes a plethora of options, with basic coil wraps such as Hive or Clapton..
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Show More The Coilology MTL 4-in-1 Prebuilt Coils Set is collectively crafted for Mouth-to-Lung builders looking for a range of coil builds with the convenience of pre-coiled setting. Each coil is machine-twisted for precise and consistent building material, presenting different types of structures ..
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