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Craving Vapor HEXOHM O-FRAME 3.0 180W Box Mod

Craving Vapor HEXOHM O-FRAME 3.0 180W Box Mod
Craving Vapor HEXOHM O-FRAME 3.0 180W Box Mod
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Shop the Craving Vapor HEXOHM O-Frame 3.0 180W Box Mod, featuring a proprietary chipset, injection molded ULTEM parts, and revamped brass 510 connection. Featuring a high 180W ceiling, the HEXOHM O-Frame Mod works with a myriad of atomizers on the market and uses solid brass connections to ensure excellent conductivity. Eliminating the 3D-printed materials, the HEXOHM O-Frame uses injection molded ULTEM parts for better weight savings and rigidity, as well as remaining generally flame retardant. Craving Vapor has updated the HEXOHM O-Frame with low voltage cut off and 10s cut off time for increased protection for the user and device for greater reliability.

Craving Vapor HEXOHM O-FRAME 3.0 180W Box Mod Features:
Proprietary Board Chipset
Dimensions - 101.6mm by 50.8mm by 25.4mm
Dual High-Amp 18650 Battery - Not Included
Maximum Wattage Output: 180W
Maximum Output Current: 30A
Voltage Output Range: 3.0-6.0V
Minimum Atomizer Resistance: 0.1ohm
Signature Potentiometer Adjustment
Heavy-Duty Aluminum Construction
Premium Anodized & Powder Coat Finish
Serialized Number & HexOhm Logos Engravings
Screenless Design - Efficient Battery Use
Oversized Firing Button
Magnetized Battery Door - ULTEM Injection Molded ULTEM Sled
Convenient On/Off Switch
Low Voltage Cutoff
10s Cut-Off Timer
Spring-Loaded Solid Brass 510 Connection
Available in Black Anodized, Blue Anodized, Green Anodized, Purple Anodized, Red Anodized

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