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Craving Vapor HexOhm 3.0 180W Box Mod

Craving Vapor HexOhm 3.0 180W Box Mod
Craving Vapor HexOhm 3.0 180W Box Mod
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The Craving Vapor HexOhm V3.0 180W Box Mod is meticulously constructed with the latest iteration to the renowned HexOhm line-up, featuring precise craftsmanship on the classic billet aluminum box with the signature potentiometer adjustment while integrating a powerful proprietary chip. The HexOhm 3.0 is machined out of heavy-duty aluminum, constructed with extremely durable material and high quality finish. The screen-less design creates a simple and battery-efficient platform, in which users adjust the output voltage from the beloved potentiometer adjustments that works in synergy with the oversized firing button. The flush magnetized battery door for the dual 18650 platform (batteries sold separately) implements ULTEM injection molded sled with spring-loaded solid brass contacts for superior conductivity. The performance-orientated device features Craving Vapor's proprietary chipset, with an upgraded maximum output of 180W and capable of running as high as 30 Amps. With a triumphant in design craftsmanship and proudly made in the USA, the HexOhm V3.0 30 Amp Box Mod is worthy of any collection.

Please Note: The Lifetime Warranty is provided by Craving Vapor. Please contact Craving Vapor directly for After-Sales service.

Cravping Vapor HexOhm 3.0 180W Box Mod Features:

Dual High-Amp 18650 Battery - Not Included
Maximum Wattage Output: 180W
Maximum Output Current: 30A
Voltage Output Range: 3.0-6.0V
Minimum Atomizer Resistance: 0.1ohm
Signature Potentiometer Adjustment
Heavy-Duty Aluminum Construction
Premium Powder Coat Finish
Serialized Number & HexOhm Logos Engravings
Screenless Design - Efficient Battery Use
Oversized Firing Button
Magnetized Battery Door - ULTEM Injection Molded Sled
Convenient On/Off Switch
Spring-Loaded Solid Brass 510 Connection


1 HexOhm V3 Box Mod

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